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Are You Struggling to Write Sales Letters to Sell Your Training or Coaching?
Are you frustrated because frankly, you get stuck on what to write, how to persuade, and what are the right words to write in your sales letters, and other things?
Or are you trying to write sales letters that resonate with your buyers, but frankly speaking, you are stuck?
If so, you are not alone, in fact, many of my clients have struggled to write sales letters. . .
So let me ask you this:

How would it feel to have 70 of my own high-performing sales letters to copy, swipe, use for ideas, or to even use as a starter sales letter to write your own?

Here's the thing, you may be struggling right now to write high-performing sales letters, but imagine if you had 70 sales letters - in a whole bunch of im niches, to choose from to copy.

It would make it plain, simple and easy!
I can only imagine how much faster I might have progressed if I could have started with this starter pack of sales letters.

And not only are there sales letters - that are easy to adapt to any im niche - or even ANY OTHER NICHE - but I've also included some of my private label rights sales letters, my packaged sales letters, and some of my personal story type emails that sell big dreams, so you can get ideas for packaging your training together to sell, so you can get ideas for selling private label rights, so you can get ideas for writing big-dream emails.

Here's what you can do with these sales letters:

--> You can use them to copy ideas, sales lines, intro lines, closing lines, closes, guarantees, anything you want to copy

--> (I don't recommend this, but you can still do it): You can use any sales letter as is to sell your own product (for example, if you have a product in a similar or same niche, you can just copy my sales letter and make a few small changes like your name, price, name of the product, and so on

(here are some of the topics the sales letters sold:
list building
traffic generation
private label rights
coaching programs
the basics
sales funnels
email writing
product creation
info business
a membership sales letter and
about 60 more!!!!

And here are a few samples of the sales letters:

Email Mastery

Conversational Copywriting

Become an IM Guru

and 67 more . . .

--> You can use these to study what makes for great sales letters. Imagine if you just read 70 sales letters in one sitting - how much more would you understand about sales letters after just reading 70 sales letters word for word!

Now, at this point, you might be asking, ok, I'm in, I'm all over this, this is amazing, I'm gonna start writing sales letters like you do . . . but you might be asking, what's the price?

Here's the thing, if you hire someone to write a single sales letter for you, it's gonna set you back anywhere from $100 for a really basic letter from a beginner, to $500 for a decent letter from a consistent writer, to $10,000 or more for high-performing copy from an expert.

Let's imagine you were to commission each of these letters for just $300 - you would invest $21,000 for these 70 letters!

Now, you are going to do one better - you are going to use these so that you can swipe, copy, and write YOUR OWN sales letters, saving yourself $300 - $10,000 everytime you write a sales letter -

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So I want to make this a real no-brainer, and I could sell this package for $300 or $500 or more. But for a limited time only, I'm running WSO-pricing on this, so that I've dropped the price and each time someone buys, the price goes up
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So as a review, here's what you are getting:
70 of my best sales letters you can swipe, copy, and re-use my words or even the whole sales letters or simply resell it for 100% pure profit
Here's what you can do with these sales letters:
  • You can use them to copy ideas, sales lines, intro lines, closing lines, closes, guarantees, anything you want to copy
  • (I don't recommend this, but you can still do it): You can use any sales letter as is to sell your own product (for example, if you have a product in a similar or same niche, you can just copy my sales letter and make a few small changes like your name, price, name of the product, and so on
  • You can use these to study what makes for great sales letters. Imagine if you just read 70 sales letters in one sitting - how much more would you understand about sales letters after just reading 70 sales letters word for word
  • You can of course rebrand this and continue to sell it over and over again keeping all the profit to yourself
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And We'll INCLUDE The Following Bonuses To Get You Even BETTER Results:
Client Pitch Template
This swipe file is an exact copy of our top most profitable pitch mails... to serve as a template so you can get writing powerful pitches that convert — FAST. You can get open rates of +75% when you begin to use this swipes to prospect for client.

Just copy and paste these email template then deploy in your own business.

I'm not kidding... These are the VERY SAME Email Templates that I and my marketing team use every single time for getting new, high paying clients! (And you can gain access to them right now!).... for free.
LinkedIn Client Getting Secrets
Inside this bonus, you will discover:

- How to use Linkedin to search and find leads who need help with their online marketing
- A list of services you can provide to small business owners (and all the services can be outsourced!)
- How to choose a profitable niche where business owners are looking to spend money on digital marketing and social media marketing services
- How to outsource the work and keep most of the profits
- How to upsell additional services to your clients

You will learn how to contact leads, identify their problems, show them how you can help them, and close them on one of your services (web design, seo, ppc, graphic design, social media management, etc…)
Complete Email Templates for Freelancers
Since jumping feet first in to consulting five years ago, I’ve discovered that a shocking amount of my time and my business is spent just sending emails. As a percentage of time, I’d say my business (and yours) is unavoidably tied to the success of those emails.

By using email templates, I’ve been able to save myself hours a day, decrease response times, and even fight scope creep.

Inside this bonus, you will discover how to send simple MAGIC EMAILS to stop being ignored, and start getting replies whenever you pitch high paying clients as a freelancer.
Unlimited Local Client System
Unlimited Local Client System consist of 4 training modules and a PDF study guide that will make getting high paying offline clients much easier and faster than ever before.

Inside this valued course, you will learn:

1. How six and seven figure offline marketers close prospects without doing any “selling”.
2. How to close businesses that have already decided not to work with you.
3. How to “position” yourself as a offline marketing expert before the business owner ever calls.
4. How to find unlimited leads that approach you and ask about your services.
5. And much more
Offline Client Secrets
Even if you offer a wonderful SERVICE, even if you’re an Intelligent Marketer, the BIGGEST question is where to find potential business people to offer your services!

This bonus will show you how to find potential businesses who REALLY need YOUR SERVICES to grow THEIR Businesses. Not just a few... you may find HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS of PEOPLE and you don’t even have to offer any of the services to start with.

You can use the system revealed inside this course to:
Find 100s Offline Business People Who are Badly Waiting For Your Services
Receive 100s of Online Service Requests in Minutes You Apply this System
How To Find Good Leads In 1 Minute
This is a practical system put to work to let you see how easy it is to find good leads, and at out first click you will see there's a business WITHOUT a website or need some online service. There's a lot of value inside, and I'm passing this report to guide you step by step.

This is a complete “how to” on how to find easy leads in need of any offline marketing service you are offering.

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[NO] Can be given away for free
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